Youth Training

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Yes, I was a fat kid. 100lbs in 3rd grade. Ai??230lbs by my senior year. That’s me at my 5th birthday party with Darth Vader. Ai??Notice my belly.

“Husky”or “Big Boned” were the kindest words used to describe me.

Here is a story I have never shared with anyoneai??i??

I remember one summer being invited to a pool party at a friends house. Ai??But what I really remember being teased because I was the only kid at the party who left his t-shirt on in the pool.

I said it was because I was sunburned, but I can now be honest ai??i?? it was because I was fat.

My “friends” Ai??all gave me a good teasing. Ai??I played it off as no big deal at the party, but went home and cried.

True story.

I am now 42 years old and I still have to pysch myself up to take my shirt off at the beach or at the pool.


Like I said – those words can stay with you for a life time.

You do not want your kid to be that kid.

So letai??i??s make sure this program is right for them -just ask you son or daughter if they would be interested in..

  1. Being Stronger
  2. Running Faster
  3. Being Better At Sports
  4. Fitting in their Clothes Better
  5. Getting Fit While Having a Great Time
  6. Being More Confident

So yeah, I was teased.Ai?? But worse than that I just felt uncomfortable in my own skin.Ai?? That is a feeling that stays with me to this day.Ai?? It is also why I got into this fitness & health – to help people feel better about themselves while changing their bodies for at the same time.

Add to that that I am now a parent, and one of my boys is built JUST like me.Ai?? I do not want him to have to deal with the same crap I did growing up.

So that is also why one year ago I started Fit Generation – my youth fitness training program.Ai?? To help kids get fit, get lean, stay healthy all while having a great time.

So parents if you think your son or daughter age 10-17 would benefit from a program that is

  1. Geared specifically for their age group
  2. Gets them in shape quickly & safely while teaching them good life habits
  3. Teaches proper exercise form
  4. Teaches proper nutrition
  5. Accelerates sport specific performance (for those involved in sports)
  6. Age appropriate, fun, supportive & motivational atmosphere and most of all boosts self esteem and confidence

We, offer small group sessions 3 times per week at 4:00pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (adding Tue & Thur soon))

If you think a program like this would benefit your child please CONTACT ME ASAP and let me know if 4:00pm is good for you.


PS: This is a “kids only” group, so only kids age 10-17 (or thereabouts) would be allowed in the program. Get back to me as soon as you can as I will only take a few kids in this specialAi?? group.

PPS: This program is centered around having FUN while getting in a great workout. Here are some shots from Monday’s session. If you think your kid might be interested get back to me ASAP.