s3yogalogWeai??i??ve all heard about the sustainable fitness transformation gained through yoga ai??i?? mentally and physically. Ai?? Now you can experience the mental and physical transformation through the Carter Fitness Formula, S3Yoga: Ai??the best way to prepare your mind and body for long term health and fitness.

Yoga is truly for everyone, and at Carter Fitness, everyone can feel accepted and included regardless of fitness level, age, or yoga experience: Ai?? Weai??i??re ready for you.

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We focus our yoga sessions on strength and flexibility, an incredible benefit to your body.Ai?? Moving and stretching through the poses will help you become stronger, more flexible, and experience a greater range of motion to those tight areas (hamstrings, back, shoulders, hips). Ai??And, as you are building strength, youai??i??ll see increased muscle tone, balance, joint health, better breathing, boosted immunity, better sleep,improved circulation, Ai??and so much more!


Yoga asana (pose) practice is physical ai??i?? while you will get your ai???sweatai??? on, youai??i??ll be concentrating intently on your breathing and your body, which brings calmness to your mind.Ai?? Youai??i??ve heard that physical activity is a great stress reducer, and this is particularly true of yoga.Ai?? Because of the concentration required, your stress melts away while youai??i??re on the mat, and your continued focus on our breathing techniques off the mat will help you handle stress in a healthy way.



As you become more tranquil, youai??i??ll find you arenai??i??t concerned with whatai??i??s happened in the past, or anxious about what may (or may not) happen in the future ai??i?? you will leave our yoga classes feeling in the moment, and stress free.


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