Carter Fitness Super Java – Boundless Energy, Increased Metabolism, Fat Burning & Mental Focus

By joshua carter | In Fat Loss, Fitness & Fat Loss, Nutrition | on April 14, 2014

Introducing Carter Fitness Super Java
Start your day right with boundless energy, mental focus, fat burning Ai??and increased metabolism.

Here are just some of the benefits of Carter Fitness Super Java:

  • Instantly enhances mental acuity & focus
  • Kills sugar cravings
  • Crushes hunger for hours
  • Turns your body’s fat burning switch back on
  • Increases metabolism for maximum fat burning

What is Carter Fitness Super Java?
I know, it sounds weird.Ai?? But it is a secret recipe I have been tweaking & testing for quite some time.Ai?? It is now the “go to”Ai?? secret fat loss weapon I use with my exclusive personal training clients.

Once you try this delicious and creamy fat burning & performance powerhouse you will never be the same.Ai?? Whether you are a top level athlete training for a big event or just need a jump start to your day – Carter Fitness Super Java is your new secret weapon.

We start with the finest quality organic coffee beans from Columbia, and roast them to perfection.Ai?? These are not average beans Ai??found in some big chain coffee houses. Ai??These beans are exceptional and chosen expressly for their amazing taste and low toxin levels. Ai??They Ai??foundation of all the amazing coffee at Muddhouse Coffee.

But then we bring in the big guns…

WeAi??add KerryGold *grass fed* butter.Ai?? I know, you’re asking “why butter”?Ai?? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Butter is full of an amazing and exceptionally healthy fat called “butyrate”.Ai?? Butyrate dramatically improves insulin sensitivity, increases metabolism, improves blood lipids and body composition, and reduces stress and inflammation.

Also, because the cows are grass fed (instead of grains) the butter they produce is much higher in CLA, has a better Omega-3 profile and is much high in key nutrients like K2.

NextAi?? we add organic extra virgin coconut oil. Why do we add coconut oil? Like butter, because it’s awesome, that’s why.

Coconut oil contains a unique blend of healthy fats that you can’t find anywhere else called MCTs.Ai?? They go straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are used as a quick source energy and cannot be stored as fat.

Coconut oil has been clinically proven to increase energy expenditure (helping you burn fat all day), as well as improves cholesterol profiles, reduces trigylcerides and optimize thyroid function 9for a higher metabolism).

It is also high in lauric acid which kills bacteria, viruses and fungi helping you fight off infections.

But despite all it’s health benefits the thing my clients like the most is it’s ablity to absolutely crush hunger and kill sugar cravings making you eat less and lose weight without even trying.

I created this liquid masterpiece for people just like you who lead a busy life and want to start the day off right – without all the added sugars and chemical toxins that come in the average American breakfast.Ai?? So you can say I made this with you in mind:)


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