Just For You: An Ethical Bribe

By admin | In Fat Loss | on December 10, 2008

Bribery has such a negative connotation. Maybe because it is a tactic usually reserved for crooks and politicians.

But let’s face it bribery is part if what made America great.  Most politicians would be jobless without bribery, and we certainly do not want to add anything to America’s current unemployment rate. Without bribery many otherwise law abiding "businessmen" would have to deal with time consuming and annoying legal entanglements which could take time from their olive oil business.


So with such a negative image, you would wonder why I, pure of heart Joshua Carter Personal Trainer Extraordinaire, would even consider bribing you.  First off let me admit I am not above bribery.  But in this instance I am taking part in what I refer to as  "Ethical Bribery". 

You would think the words "ethical" and "bribery" wouldn’t go together.  Sure they do.

For an ethical bribe, I will simply ask you to tell the truth. And as a "thanks" I’ll give you something cool.

As I have said my business is largely based on referrals and testimonials.  Add to that that January is the biggest month in fitness.  That means people will be searching the web for a great personal trainer.  Obviously I would prefer it if they found me.

Here is what I would like you to do:

Carter Fitness personal training in West Hills is listed in Google as a local business, and all I would love for you to do is write a testimonial about our services. The more positive reviews I have the better my business is.


Simply tell the truth – when you  do shoot me an email and I will either hand you or even mail you one of our highly coveted Carter Fitness T-shirts.  (Don’t forget to tell me your size.)

All the cool kids know Carter Fitness T-Shirts Rock

That’s an ethical bribe- I get a good review and you get a kick ass shirt.


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Joshua Carter, CPT
The Body Transformation Expert
Carter Fitness


PS: The first 5 to post will get and extra special bonus!

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