Are your FAT friends making *you* FAT?

By admin | In Fat Loss | on May 15, 2012

The short answer is yes.

You see there is some interesting data that shows that eating habits are seriously contagious.

I mean how many time have you justified eating something YOU KNOW you shouldnai??i??t eat simply because someone you were with was eating it.

Been there.

Here are two highlights from the new data:

(So I guess if your spouse and your friends are obese you are in trouble!)

Check out this infographicai??i??

info_eatingiscontagious_thumbSo what this clearly tells me is that we are HIGHLY influenced by our environment.
So while our fat friends might make us fat (indirectly of course) the converse is also true- our fit friends will make us fitter and more healthy.

Extreme Example: Would you hang out with people that did crack every day?Ai?? Of course not, crack is unquestionably unhealthy.Ai?? Why would you everAi?? knowingly surround yourself with people or things that influence you negatively?Ai?? Unfortunately many of us do it every single day.

Know this:Ai?? You have control over your environment.Ai?? Iai??i??m not telling you to ditch your friends or your spouse, but it might be time to take a look around and evaluate your surroundings.

I have ai???firedai??? friends for multiple reasons, but with the same basic root cause: They were negative.Ai?? They either had negative or destructive habits, or were just perpetually negative about life.

I donai??i??t need that shit-Ai?? and neither do you.

Surround yourself with only positive things, and positive people who encourage and celebrate your successes.

To that end, you should check out our Fanpage at to hang out with positive people with positive and healthy goals.Ai?? We have a great time, so stop by and say hi.

Got questions or want to talk about how you can improve your environment? Shoot me an email anytime or drop by the fanpage.


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