John J

I’d like you to meet John, a man we like to call the “quite thunder”.  When he first came to us at Carter Fitness John was tipping the scales at near 200 pounds, which for a man his height is not great.

Now take a look at him,  down almost 30 pounds of fat and a waist that is  near 6 inches smaller. How happy do you think he is (and his wife) with his new body?

How did he do it?

Well, that is the funny part. When he started his coordination was not the best, and his workout capacity was pretty poor.  You can tell by looking at his before picture, he just was not in very good shape.

John is also the quietest man I have ever met.  But when he had questions he asked them and when I gave him advice he took it.

And he showed up.

And that is the secret: Never giving up.

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