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By josh / Administrator on Oct 28, 2009

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  • Rachel Dalby

    Question, what the heck are burpees?

  • Josh,

    That was awesome. First of all, you crack me up. Funny stuff. And you are right on point as usual.

    I’ve been reading your emails for some time and always find something insightful.

    Keep it simple, work hard.


  • Hops

    Hello great to hear from you!
    I do hunderd rep sets.
    and four to five sets.
    I do one body part a day.
    The other people in the gym tell me they get tired just watching me. LOL LOL LOL
    But I get great results from my workouts.
    Check me out on face book.
    go to find a friend put in
    Take a look at the pic “Guns in D C”

    P.S.Tell Norm I said Happy Birthday and many more!
    Have him become my friend also.

  • Cheers to you and happy birthday to Norm! Most people a third his age should be so lucky to look like him. Point is, it’s not about luck. No doubt you’ll look the same or better when you hit that age too. It’s all about ‘showing up’ every day at the gym just like you mentioned. Your program is awesome.

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